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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 16, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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kennedy. wide as lust rule in the lives of so many people? we will answer the questions me. on friday night. >> this is "lou dobbs tonight." lou: good evening, everybody. evidence tonight that the internal revenue service was not content to simply target conservative groups and deny them tax-exempt status. they also worked to prosecute those groups despite an admission from former is official lois lerner herself there was no basis for such prosecution. this is how politicized the internal revenues service has become under this administration. judicial watch, acquiring emails flu the freedom of information act that show lerner in communication, with the department of justice,
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conversations that centered how they would pursue prosecution of those conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. the documents contain a conversation between lerner and the chief of staff to former irs director steven miller, discussing how they would work with the department of justice to accomplish their goal. miller, you may remember, visited the white house 118 times, from 2010 to 2011. on may 8th of last year, lerner wrote, quote, i got a call today from richard hill gear, the director of elections crimes branch at doj. who doj foaming to caulk to could piece together false statement cases. about am plants, lied, end quote on their 1024s. doj is feeling like it needs to
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respond but wants to talk to the right folks at irs, to see whether there are impediments from our side. i told them it sounded like we might need several folks from irs. but a message sent minutes later shows lerner admitting no such evidence existed. lerner wrote, quote, whether there was a false statement or fraud regarding a description of an alleged political expenditure, that doesn't say vote for or vote against, is not realistic under current law. everyone is looking for a magic bullet or scapegoat. there isn't one. quite an admission. in pan additional email shows lerner admitting further to an aide, that zero liberal groups have been targeted, despite claims to the contrary. only conservative groups. as we reported here extensively,
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lerner has been referred to the same department of justice for criminal prosecution by the house ways and means committee. she face as contempt of congress vote before the full house of representatives. the obama white house now not only under no obligation, it seems to be open, transparent or straightforward, on any number of critically-important challenges to the nation. for examp the effort to obfuscate the number of uninsured americans under obamacare by changing questions in the census bureau's annual survey. to examine what is happening now with the obama administration, joining us, one of the country's foremost political strategist, a one-man compendium of american political history, former reagan white use political director, leading republican strategist, fox news political analyst, ed rollins. >> nice to be with y, lou. lou: this is extraordinary step to change to, alter, the census
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so that we don't have revelations or disclosure about important information. >> there are three elements of the federal government, two that you fear, most voters, most americans fear. one is the irs and one is the justice department and you hope that the justice department is enforcing the law and irs is enforcing the tax laws. the census bureau is basically going out getting most confidential documents and information on people. you expect them to all function in a non-partisan way in which they basically are above, above any partisanship. these three entities have been extremely partisanship. done everything they can to handicap conservatives, handicap people's rights to vote and participate. obviously they're now basically got caught and they don't want to disclose what it is. miss lerner was a, important official in the department of irs. she has been summoned before a committee. she should basically testify to the truth. she avoided that like a criminal would in a mafia trial. lou: we have just received by
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the way, a fox news poll, do we have that available yet? this came in to fox. on issue of this administration credibility, the president's capacity for lying, because that is the word used in this poll. the question is, how often does president obama lie on important matters? most of the time, 37%. some of the time, 24%. only now and then, 20% of the time. only 15% say never. this goes to the heart of the man's integrity, to the heart of the man's credibility. >> when you get those kind of numbers, if you do business with someone you think half the time is lying to you or basically deal with a schoolchild in a classroom that lies to you half the time you very quickly lose credibility. the problem with this administration, hard to believe
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anything, whether the health care statistics, unemployment statistics, irs engoresment rule justice department, once you lose that credibility you get diminished as leader this president certainly has done that. neil: as if it is imploding from within. we can talk about lack of leadership. we can talk about lack of integrity. any kind of compass, moral or otherwise. but we are watching a subversion of government itself it seems. electoral college, the national popular vote movement, which is pushed by the george soros center for voting and democracy, if you can imagine that. it is an effort to destroy the electoral college. >> the premise of electoral college would small states, wouldn't just be popular vote. small states would have some say. we're down to the point where it is not 50 states involved anymore. it is eight or nine states basically become a presidential election, spending billions of dollars in the eight eight or ne
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states. the system doesn't work. the idea each state legislature would give up right to support or have a policy that supported their state's vote and give it to some other state is absurd. you want to change the he can tomorrow college, make it districts by congressional district or make it popular vote. i ran reagan's campaign. we won 49 states because we won 49 states. should voters of minnesota had not a vote? absolutely not. at end of the day each states sets its own rules and regulations. electoral college may not work and certainly foreseeable future it will be quite different than it is today. my issue we're no longer running 50-state campaigns. we're running eight-state campaigns. that is not good for democracy. lou: the repubcan party it seven, we'll continue i assure you focus mightily on the effort to overthrow the electoral college and electoral vote. it is, if you will, utterly as ed intimated un-american, what is happening with this republican party? we now learn, senator jeff
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sessions, just the other day, talking about the fact that there is a secret effort within the house of representatives, led by congressman paul ryan congressman cantor, eric cantor, to, to come up with a compromise on illegal immigration despite the wishes of most members of the house, and the republican party. and it is if you will a covert effort? >> i'm for full transparency. i think when you elect representatives you're dealing with significant issues and immigration is a very significant issue and you have to have debate about it. the democrats should have a plan. we should have a plan. at the end of the day to do things behind scenes and do things by votes which they don't actually vote and say ayes or nos and ayes are declared victory when there is not majority of floor is absurd way to function. it will diminish the republican party over time if they do this kind of stuff. neil: overtime leads us trait to
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november with the midterms coming up. this is a very explosive issue. in addition, joe ricketts, billionaire conservative. sheldon adelson, putting money up against walter jones, one of the most conservative congressman and longest serving congressman, what is going on here with this party if. >> the truth of the matter, the way the law reads today each individual can give $2600. for $2600 in primary or general you get good government. when you put a million, 10 million or $20 million into it, you want more than good government. you want something very specific. i think it is detrimental. i think it is free speech but at end the day, these guys are not saying here is $10 mlion, do what you want to do. i think to certain extent this is detriment to the process. lou: they're saying here is $10 million. do what the hell i tell. >> you absolutely. lou: 10,000 folks in a district can tell a billionaire to go to
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hell. >> she should absolutely. lou: ed rollins. good to see you. nevada rancher cliven bundy, blasting the federal government leaving behind a trail of destruction over last week's standoff over grazing rights with the bureau of land management. the confrontation ended when the bureau land management backed down but fox news cameras captured these scenes of the extensive damage left behind. including these, these cattle, damaged water pipes. two prize bulls were killed. one of which, was shot five times. another while aiming he hadly in a holding pen. the blm also appears to run over a tortoise den during their operation, even though the reason they said they were so interested in bundy's cattle and his ranch was to save these supposedly endangered tortoise, which by the way, it is not and it is, and the fact is, those
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tortoises have been, many of them, euthanized by the u.s. fish and wildlife service. >> nowhere in the court order that i sawdust it say they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals. tanks, desert environment, shoot cattle. this isn't helping the desert tortoise. when we were over there they backed over and crushed down a tortoise burrow. how is that conservation? lou: the bureau of land management which is run by the way senator harry reid's former senior policy advisor, the agency showing no remorse saying they acted on federal land and they don't need permission to destroy illegal fences and water lines and if you don't think we don't have a problem with attitude, in the leadership of the bhm aior department and federal government itself, then you're mistaken. we've got a heck after problem. on wall street today,
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problems seem to abate. stocks move higher for 30 strayed day. s&p up 19. nasdaq up 52 points. crude oil up a whole penny, settling just below $104 a barrel. gold up $3, settling at $1303 an ounce. yield on 10-year rising to 2.64%. google shares down in after-hours trading following the company's weaker-than-expected earnings report. and housing starts, today, the report up nearly 3% last month. building permits fell. stay with us. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. a new video shows al qaeda in yemen calling for attacks on america as the nypd suspend their muslim surveillance program. we'll be talking about that and more with general jack keane ♪
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lou: disturbing new video. this surfaced on islamist militant websites, appearing to show the largest, most dangerous gathering of al qaeda in years. this footage, shot in yemen, shows al qaeda's number two in command, in e and roughly 100 fighters out in the open, greeting one another and some faces have been blurred out. that raises some concern al qaeda is trying to protect the identities of western recruits. back in january, president obama was quick to dismiss an al qaeda resurgence, telling new yorker mag quote, the analogy we use around here sometimes i think is accurate, jv team puts on laker
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uniforms that doesn't make them kobe bryant, end quote. the al qaeda video emerged on the same day that the new york police department announced it disband ad controversial surveillance unit devoted looking into local muslim communities for terrorist activity. the government of ukraine failed to establish control over eastern part of the country. pro-russian government captured on video storming city hall in eastern ukraine city and they have taken over administration buildings in at least 10 cities. the pro-russian separatists also today commandeered six ukrainian armored vehicles along with their crews and they hosted russian flags as ukrainian soldiers manning the vehicles offered no armed resistance. ukrainian soldiers admitting freely they defected to the russian side. and as some 40,000 russian troops remain, on the border, nato promised to increase flights over the baltic nations.
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joining us retired four stare army general chief of staff, general jack keane. general, thanks for being here. start with ukraine. this is unending trail of rhetoric swept aside by putin and the, and the obama white house persists but to know effect s that likely to change? is it soon to end? >> i doubt it, lou. i mean, the u.s. and the white house's policy is deescalation of the russians and to try to get them on the exit ramp so to speak. the fact of the matter is that rhetoric is encouraging putin to escalate. the exact opposite happened in crimea and now it is happening in eastern ukraine. and clearly, what we're seeing right before our eyes is phase one of a possible military campaign because the towns and
10:19 pm
cities now being influenced by special operations forces and security forces from russia, all have rail heads and there are airports associated with them which would be key items for an invasion force to have to pass through if they're going to go throughout eastern ukraine. so this is phase one. i think he wants to use intimidation, this is putin and force the kiev government to come to him and move away from europe to be sure. if intimidation fails. it is like he would put troops in there. lou: yet the nato nations have done nothing. they announced baltic flights over the states today. to what effect we can't imagine. yet the they have done nothing either engaging putin or trying to, to reverse the course of events. so, where, where are we headed
10:20 pm
here? >> i think we're clearly heading the kiev government is coming to the grips of hard harsh and sad reality the united states will not do anything to help them. they were asking for arms and got meals to ready to eat our troops use. the fact of the matter they know they will not get tough sanctions imposed on russia would discourage them from possibly doing other things. so they may be thinking about making some kind of an accommodation, you know with the russians, because, they know for a fact that the united states is not going to be there for them. it doesn't look like e.u. will be there for them or certainly nato. they were never seeking troops to help them. they were seeking weapons to help them. certainly, some tough sanctions imposed on russians to curb this behavior. but i think the ukraine government sadly to say is out there by themselves. lou: turn to yemen, gathering of
10:21 pm
al qaeda residents to the clear, without seemingly a care in the world first of all this didn't strike many people as the jv team of al qaeda. the prepros nows team of al qaeda which is on the run which obviously is not running from anyone right now. what do you make of this? >> first of all deal with the horrible characterization of the jv team. i mean that means the jv team burned down our consulate and killed our ambassador in benghazi and tragically three others and forced the evacuation of a cia base. that was al qaeda affiliate organization. by the president's definition the so-called jv team. this organization here publishing videos, that is the most brazen thing i've seen in some time. we haven't seen videos like that going back to prior to 9/11. and the factfact that al
10:22 pm
wuhayshi exposed himself in the video shows confidence they have. i'm not sure what his motivations are. we can speculate the fact that al qaeda, lou really increased influence and control over territory at large in northeast africa, speaks to confidence seeing in the video. secondly, may possibly be that the leader here wants to gain a stronger position inside of the al qaeda movement. after all, zawahiri who is the head of al qaeda after usama bin laden was killed, is a recluse essentially hiding from the united states and its weapons in pakistan, possibly in the mountains, not really doing much of anything. certainly not exposed on a video. that possible explanation nation for what has taken place.
10:23 pm
you noted they're shielding some of the spaces. some of our intel folks believe they're europeans or westerners and they need return to those communities after they have been properly trained. lou: general as always, thank you so much. general jack keane. >> good talking to you as always. lou: thank you, general. time for a look at last night's online poll results. we asked you if the obama administration continues selective enforcement of laws would you support selective obedience of those laws? 71% of you said yes. 29% said no. vote in tonight's poll. the question is, do you believe the gop split on immigration, ukraine, russia, and the nsaless sons the chance of a gop victory in november -- lessons the chance. later we'll have the quotation of the day. philadelphia democratic
10:24 pm
mayor michael nutter rolling out the welcome for illegal immigrants in philadelphia. the mayor signing an executive order. these are becoming very stylish, aren't they. that executive order limiting the philadelphia's police department's cooperation with federal immigration agencies and officials. essentially philly police no longer have to honor federal detainer requests except in cases where a suspect was previously convicted after violent felony. we'll come right back. please stay with us. stocks moving higher on wall street. prudential's quincy crosby is next. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate.
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lou: stocks up for a third day in re. the s&p is back into positive territory for year-to-date. joining us now is quincy crosby, market strategist for prudential financial. great to have you with us. >> thanks very much. lou: all is well now? we have three straight days of remarkable gains, the lights are shining bright. it is all over. don't have to worry about corrections and meltdowns? >> not for now. we do have options expiration tomorrow and you know that does
10:28 pm
provide a slap in the market. some of these things that we look for, lou, have actually been taking place in the market. it gives us a little bit of confidence and the data have been positive and that really does help. lou: is it your since based on data which you say much of it has been positive, are we growing now? is this economy actually solidifying and, and moving forward? >> it's moving forward at a very, very, modest pace. it is solid but not stellar. this isn't the kind of recovery that we used to have with the real pent-up demand on corporate america and consumer. it's been very, very steady, solid and it has been, it hasn't given us the kind of growth that provides employment that we need. >> earnings season underway. >> yes. lou: so far what we've seen looks, to me, very good. we're going to kick it up here over the remainder of this week and into next week. what do you think? are you pleased with what you're seeing and what you expect to
10:29 pm
see? >> well they brought down the threshold so much that it doesn't take much to beat but one thing we are seeing and it is healthy, is that the companies that are not making the consensus estimates are being beaten up, even in after-hours, we saw google down 6% in after-hours. what you don't want to see the market pushing everything up regardless of what companies say. >> right. >> because that is -- lou: google gets hit as you're pointing out. >> yeah. lou: in extended trading after disappointing earnings. >> yeah. lou: that's pretty impressive. >> it is very impressive because normally for the past four years basically it has been what ben bernanke has said to us and the market would just move up. so the stocks are being differentiated. winners are being pushed up. those who are disappointing are being beaten up. we'll see tomorrow what happens when market opens. lou: as we, as we move into tomorrow, is it your expectation that we're going to see the really beaten sectors,
10:30 pm
financials, have been beaten up pretty good, are we going to see resilliance or further beatings? >> i think we'll see further beatings as we go into the summer. for this particular short period of time, i think probably we have bottom fishers coming in and bottom-fishing going on. in other words they're finding really good ones and putting money in. lou: for the rest of the year, higher or lower, about the same, what do you think? >> i think if the market has a normal pullback, what we used to have -- lou: 10%? >> 10, 15%, the market has a chance at the end of the year rising. that is the sweetest spot for the market is that, the fourth quarter. lou: quincy crossby, thank you. >> thank you so much. lou: listen to my financial reports, three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network for all the day's biggest market and business news.
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ncaa legislative council approved a new proposal that allows student athletes, walk-ons on scholarship recipients to have access to unlimited, are you ready, food. that move comes just eight days after connecticut's amazing standout guard, shabazz napier, complains he sometimes went to bed, quote, starving because he couldn't afford food. shame on you connecticut. and ncaa showing remarkable responsiveness. aren't we proud of them? we're coming right back. if only billionaire oligarch michael bloomberg would put his money where his mouth is. instead he is spending $50 million to continue his assault on the second amendment. monica crowley, chris plante and john gambling, take that and much more up next.
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lou: joining us now, the a-team. some of our favorite radio, talk show hosts and yours. talk radio network nationally syndicated host and fox news contributor monica crowley. in washington, d.c., wmal radio talk show host chris plante. and john gambling, host of new york's wnym, 90, the answer. i said john gambling. man it is great to have you back on the air, john gambling. >> my goodness, my friend, lou dobbs, good to be back on the radio in new york city. but even better to be with here on the fox business channel. gre to see y'all. lou: we are delighted that we don't have to choose in that. we can accommodate both. let me start with, let's start with this nevada mess. harry reid looks like the dark sinister force orchestrating all of this. your thoughts? >> well, i couldn't agree with you more. this is an evil individual. at least in my mind. and his actions i think
10:36 pm
certainly underscore it. i think what happened is that harry reid got frustrated and annoyed. because he is, arguably the second or third most powerful person in the united states, he put his foot down and said to the bureau of land management, go take care of bundys, i'm tired of this, i want to build another solar plant. take care of it. lou: his son rory, seems to have a pretty good job. chris, this guy is the sole representative of enn group in the united states? he hand papa are doing some kind of business, aren't they if. >> the whole thing stinks obviously. it reeks of corruption. "the new york times" ought to be looking into it. i don't believe that they are. it, it looks like corruption. harry reid, look, let's just for a moment, assume that all of this is incorrect. that it is all just made up.
10:37 pm
it is all unfair smear. this would be harry reids chickens coming home to roost. all the smears, mitt romney not paying taxes and evil koch brothers and 140 some odd attacks coke brother, say none of it is true. nobody deserves it more than harry reid. it looks likes there is at least some merit, to the discussion. lou: also the fact that harry reid's former policy advisor head of bmm. >> chris says it looks like corruption. looks like corruption. this is federal land this is very complicated case. a lot of people deep into the legalities of this say, the bundy family is on pretty weak legal ground here. the problem reid family got
10:38 pm
involved with bureau of land management they went in with heavy hand use of force. lou: you think it is heavy handed to use 200 federal agents and along with local law enforcement agents and using lethal force, being prepared to use lethal force against one man? you see that as -- >> of course it was. lou: insane. >> the whole thing was mishandled from the beginning. from the beginning it was based on a corrupt premise, the reid family wanted this to go down. what they miscalculated, lou, the bundy family would fight ck and local militias would fight back. you would get the widespread backlash to what federal government was doing. lou: john, i think we'll see an investigation that reaches beyond monica's exactly right. and lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, two of our top attorneys here told me the same thing yesterday. this is a difficult legal basis for the bundy family. i think we'll see an investigation that will shed
10:39 pm
entirely new light on this and any light on the reids right now i think will cause them immense pain. >> i couldn't agree with you more. i think bundys will lose the legal argument here. i think and i'm hoping the big loser is harry reid and the reid family. the. lou: eric holder talking about youthful experimentation, talking enthusiastically, the legalization of marijuana in this country. on same day we got a study out showing that marijuana actually changes the circuitry in the human brain. have these people, forgive the expression, lost their mind? >> if you're talking to me, lou, yes indeed they have lost their minds. i think this whole marijuana kick, the whole push across this country to legalize medical marijuana is a sham.
10:40 pm
and it is, it is intended to do one thing and one thing only and that is to legalize marijuana. it is a disaster that is going to come and bite us in the you know what ultimately because the consequences of this are really, we don't even know. as you said in the study today. it shows that the brain goes permanently in a different direction than before the user started to smoke the dope. how about the fact that we are, that there are putting into effect, operation, a marijuana dispensing machine like a coca-cola machine. we don't dispense alcohol or drugs, marijuana, put your buck in, take your joint and off you go. lou: chris, your thought. >> we're barack obama aspiring to a work-free drug place. i think what we're seeing between oba being being an old
10:41 pm
pot smoker. what we know on this administration, if you smoke a lot of pot you're not good at government, you're not good at math. not good at leading. you're left incapable of doing a whole lot of things that would come in handy happening to run the government of the united und states of america. >> but in obama's america you fail up, right? the whole point of legalizing so the state and local governments and ultimately the federal government can get ever more tax revenue. they're taxing the stuff. they want revenue. they will get it however they can. lou: already disappointing results on that front. we're looking at double-digit short fall based on their early results on taxes on pot. darn. i was sure it would be a sure fire thing. monica crowley, chris plante and john gambling. what terrific americans. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: remind to vote in our poll on line. do you believe the gop split on the issues of immigration, ukraine, russia and the nsa less
10:42 pm
sense their -- lessens their chance of vick dry in november? vote at lou dobbs dot-com and tweet at lou dobbs news. that leads us to our quotation of the evening seems our great constitutional republic must endure more challenges with every passing day. the quotation. the republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it. this will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. elmer davis, journalist. >> "new york times" today reported that outgoing health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius has perhaps a future, in politics. weighing a run for the u.s. senate in her home state of kansas. the happiest person to hear that news just may be the senator she intends to challenge, incumbent republican pat roberts. i believe i hear him saying,
10:43 pm
bring it on. up next, the new documentary, a place at table, shows the struggle families in this country must overcome to feed their children. we hear from three real-life families. director, producer, lori director, producer, lori silverbush is our guest next. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years.
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lou: hunger, the subject of a fascinating documentary by my next guest. an issue that affects 50 million of us including 17 million children in this country. >> this is a problem that people are ashamed of acknowledging. >> very humiliating. >> tiring. >> what will we do? >> this generation will live sicker and die younger than their parents generation. >> hunger is here in the united states. >> and the problem is getting worse. lou: we're joined by director and producer of documentary, a
10:47 pm
place at the table. lori silverbush. great to have you here. congratulations on a moving, terrific documentary. lou: >> thank you. lou: most people i think will have the same reaction i did, oh, my god there is not enough hunger in this country to make it a national issue. and then watching your docucumentntarary, o one is chad rather quickly. how is it that this could rise to such a level, of need in this country? without out even noticing? >> i would argue that 50 million americans are noticing. many, many people are aware there is hunger. primarily people experiencing it. lou: we have 50 million not experiencing it. >> right. >> it is an issue that affects all of us whether we realize it or not. once people start to understand the issue, they start to legal realize is very much in their best interests and interests of their community to fix the
10:48 pm
problem. lou: one of many uncomfortable moments in the documentary was listing to children, who, for whom obviously hunger had become such a routine element of their lives. it was no longer surprising, they simply accepted it and realized they had to throughout their day to find enough to eat. that's heartbreaking. >> heart bracing. close to 17 million children in this country. i remember speaking to one, she said, other kids get to eat. i thought what is that doing to the self-esteem of a kid. what does it say about us as a nation that 17 million children walk around thinking they're not worthy of eating. what does that portend of our future as a competitive great nation. lou: amongst the things that occur, one as you watch these children in schools. where they're. i remember the wonderful children talking about how to eat better around change to fruit and to vegetables in their
10:49 pm
wants and their desires rather than junk food. , a personal favorite of mine t was a moving dialogue which you captured perfectly. at the same time how many meals do we provide children to this country every day in our public schools. how is it we continue with programs that simply in this case, miss 11 million people? >> well i think school feeding is an example after policy decision that really is smart an effect tiff. i think it works very well. but the same kids, often only meal they're getti in rest of the day. weekend, summers, vacation. it is a real issue. when you have children in every current in this country, urban and rural, every ethnic group facing this problem, we have to ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. what is it that we want the world to know about america?
10:50 pm
this is really an issue of patriotism. it is playing out in the lives of kids. lou: and,. want to say thanks for being here. congratulations on a wonderful documentary. the documentary is entitled "a place at the table." it is on netflix. i can't, i can't urge you too strongly to watch it. it's a, eye-opening. thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: lori silverbush. >> thank you. lou: up next, my commentary on american oligarchs. they used t to be rich f folksk. they're oligarchs and dangers they pose to a constitutional republic. that and your comments are next. ♪ [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts... ♪ with equity experts... ♪ ...who work with regional experts... ♪
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lou: a few word now on some of our wealthiest citizens who have become not only immensely wealthy but who decided that they should shape and in certain instances dictate our republican policy in this country. they were once known as simply billionaires or business magnates who were concerned about the nation and their fellow americans. now they are and have become oligarchs who use their vast wealth to fulfill their own ambitions, their own interests, elective office or public policy that serve their interests and their agenda. they have become, american oligarchs. in fact a controversial new study from princeton and northwestern universities concludes that america is now ruled by the interests of the rich which of course makes us not a democracy but an oligarchy. bloomburg is one of the wealthiest of all the oligarchs and michael bloomberg's pledge to spend $50 million to fight the nra and take away our guns
10:55 pm
makes him one of the most despised oligarchs as well. bloom bulger however -- bloomberg believes his left-wing agenda makes him a saint. saying is one of god's shoo-ins. he said, quote, i'm telling you if there is a god, when i get to heaven i'm not stopping to be interviewed. i have earned my place in heaven. it's not even close, end quote. that is pretty powerful language for a fellow who starts out by saying if there is a god. i think there may be a little conversation about that dependent clause. i've known mike a long time. he has done a great deal of good with all of his money. and he does on occasion as you may have noted get somewhat carried away of the his remark about going to heaven is not a rare departure from his customary modesty. but it is also in part at least an example of his sense of
10:56 pm
humor. sadly michael has lost his sense of proportion. which means he may have a longer visit with st. peter than he thinks and perhaps even a change of itinerary. time for a few of your comments. don tweeted me to say, i think laws do need to be followed but an armed force for a civil matter, maybe a meeting? staffer tweeted me is it selective enforcement fancy way of saying discrimination? and marilyn and dick in phoenix email, lou, your thoughts on celebrating tragedies mirror ours. national priorities seem skewed and the media is a powerful enabler. we love hearing from you. email at lou@lou dobbs dot-com. follow us on twitter at lou dobbs news and facebook link to everything at lou the authors of commence we receive each evening receive a copy of my new book "upheaval." that's it for us. thanks for being with us.
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